ayurveda treatments

Combining the healing techniques of a number of ancient cultures from around the world, the form of Ayurveda practised in Sri Lanka offers the most soothing passage to the balance in mind, body and soul. Here at Roman Lake we have carefully curated our Ayurveda packages, to offer you, our guest, an opportunity to detox and experience blissful peace of body and soul.

ayurveda MEals

In the age old system of ayurvedic dining, food is a vital element that can affect an individual’s mental and physical state. Therefore all Ayurvedic meals here are hand-crafted for each individual based on the Doctor’s recommendations. Ayurvedic meals are known for being natural remedies for ailments as each meal is organically prepared with a blend of indigenous herbs and spices, that not only heal but also offer great flavour.

our team

We always aim to provide only the best services here at Roman Lake, which is why all our in-house therapists are of the highest recommendation, with a good knowledge in the field of Ayurvedic medicine. Each of our therapists share a zeal for the healing aspects of Ayurvedic medicine, and constantly strive to enhance each guest’s physical, mental and psychological status through proper Ayurvedic care.