Ayurveda is the island’s oldest form of medicine, originating from India and passed down for generations, over 3000 years. Here at Roman Lake, we’ve kept this practise of good health alive with the help of our professional Ayurveda practitioners, who will ensure that your stay here with us will bring you rest to both the mind and body.


Five luxury bedrooms on the first floor are the highlight of this enchanting boutique hotel. A soft snug bed adorned with crisp white bed-sheets and dazzling bright bed spreads contrasting yet complimenting each other, with a breathtaking view of the serine Lake, invites you at first glance. Following the same rusty-feel theme of the hotel, the elegant furnishings add splendor and elegance to the room.

EXPLORE Balapitiya

Offering Pristine views of the magnificent Maadhu Ganga, Balapitiya is located a mere two hours drive from the island’s capital.