Roman Lake

Ayurveda Facilities

Roman lake is catered for the Ayurveda market by providing state of the art facilities for its guests, to help them recuperate and rejuvenate, and aim towards achieving a healthy dosha balance.

The Ayurveda Treatment facility, which houses our experienced doctors and their Ayurveda practitioner team, both doctors are well experienced and qualified with a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery.

They are also well versed in English and have been trained to give each and every guest personalized attention and assistance in achieving the best results for their holistic wellness experience.

All medication and concoctions are provided on- site for the easy accessibility for the guests, and the prescribed medications are provided free of charge as part of the daily treatments.

If the doctor recommends any further medicine to aid in the healing process, then this can be purchased on -site as well with our fully stocked pharmacy.

In addition to that there is the additional area adjacent to the Spa & Treatment center, consisting of the Ayurveda Yoga Hut and the Herbal Spice Garden, which provides fresh vegetables and medicinal herbs for the guest’s nourishment.

State of the Art Ayurveda Therapy center

In- Site Ayurveda Pharmacy

Herbal Spice Garden consisting of Fresh vegetables and Medicinal Herbs

State of the Art Ayurveda Therapy center

Team of experienced Ayurveda practitioners

Counselling and knowledge sharing sessions on Medicine /Nutrition/ Treatment.

Private Beach for relaxation sessions

Ayurveda Features & Amenities Ayurveda Yoga hut with Yoga and Meditation provided.

Dedicated housekeeping service

Free Wi-fi

Room Service from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Non – Smoking Rooms

Tailor Made meals based on treatment plan

Cooking Demonstration upon request