Roman Lake

Ayurveda Dining

The Ayurveda dining at Roman Lake is not one that is focused on only nourishing your soul, it is also tantalizingly delicious. When it comes to a truly healthy balance in your meal, our team of qualified Chefs, lead by our Head Chef Upul will create dishes that you did not consider a possibility.

Every guest who frequents the hotel for Ayurveda will have a tailormade meal that will heal their body, with all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives and no additives.

Your meal will be created just for you, based on what will improve your overall dosha balance, and the ailments that afflict you.

These meals are interwoven with your treatments, as Chef Upuls team will have an investment in your well being, by discussing with our Ayurveda medical practitioners to ensure that when you come to Roman Lake , you will leave flourishing with life and a vigor that was not in your before.


Herbal Spice Garden

Subscribing to the Ayurveda diet of fresh all-natural foods, with the nutrients based on Ayurvedic tastes, the majority of spices are picked from the all-natural Herbal Spice garden, that is located next to the spa of the hotel

Non-Ayurveda dining

For those that wish to visit Roman Lake Ayurveda resort on a leisure basis, we understand your perspective. Chef Upul is particularly well versed in his presentation of Western Dishes as well, whether it’s succulent Caramelized Lamb Chops drizzled with a delectable sauce and served with a hearty carb, or a zesty Cheesy Spaghetti Carbonaro that is designed to leave you satiated and your palette appeased.