The Ayurveda dining at Roman Lake is not one that is focused on only nourishing your soul, it is also tantalizingly delicious. When it comes to a truly healthy balance in your meal, our team of qualified Chefs, lead by our Head Chef Upul will create dishes that you did not consider a possibility.

River Safari

Traverse the expanses of the Madu Ganga River, experience the vast biodiversity on offer at the UNESCO Heritage site of the Madu Ganga Wetlands. Seeing the flora and fauna on offer, then stop by for a fish therapy experience and learn about one of Sri lankas unique exports, the Cinnamon plantations.
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Turtle Hatchery

A visit to the nearby Turtle hatchery is a unique experience, looking at creatures that have ancestors from 220 million years ago. It is an educational experience to see the life cycle of the turtles, the guest can get a chance to hold a baby turtle in their hand, and if they are lucky even help in releasing it back into the Indian Ocean! This up-close experience with Turtles help in the conservation efforts for these wonderful animals that face a lot of danger in today’s world
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Spend a Day at Roman Beach

Set in the exotic tropical village of Hikkaduwa, Romans Beach is an exclusive boutique hotel where sleek white walls blended with rustic furniture boasts stylish sophistication. The guests can travel to Roman Beach, and experience the sun kissed shores of Hikkaduwa. Once at Roman Beach, they can take a dip in the pool. Have lunch with the sounds of the sea shore in the background and soak up the sun as well. A candle lit dinner in the night can also be arranged, with the doctor’s consent. Transportation is included in the cost of the day trip, and more details can be provided upon request.
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Village Trek

The guests can be taken on a tour of the surrounding area, whether by Bike or walking, through the remote village in the nearby area. They can then visit the local village, and have a traditional meal sampling the dishes made with the traditional instruments and partaking in a unique experience, seeing the local natives through their own eyes. Whilst at the same time, going on a reinvigorating hike and taking part in the adventure along the way !
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Visiting the Local Temples

Sri Lanka rich in culture with local temples with a wonderful intricate architecture. Built with its roots heavily in Buddhism, the guests can arrange to visit these temples and witness the serenity and tranquility on offer in these places of worship. To gauge the historical roots of one of the few countries that still have a majority population in Buddhism.
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Mirissa situated in the southern coast of Sri Lanka is the closest point to the continental shelf and on the migratory route of Whales as they move closer to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, primarily to breed. ... The best time to Whale watch is between November and April each year
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